Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sacrifices and Priorities

I'm sure due to the careers that John Key has had that his son has not seen him as much as he might like. I'm sure that's true for many families out there, especially the ones that are pulling down more than one job trying to scrape by. I'm sure there were also advantages of growing up in that household, including going to the best schools, living in a mansion in a good area, holidaying at the families bach in Hawaii, and being able to attend baseball games overseas. That was me being bitchy, I thought I should point that out.

Key said that he will attend his sons baseball game in America and will not go to the funeral of the soldiers killed in action because his son has made so many sacrifices. I can't think of a more inappropriate or insensitive remark to make under the circumstances.

It's not like we have a huge contingent stationed out in Afghanistan, and it's not like we've had huge loses. So when there is a loss it resonates. We know that because in 2010 Key left a trade mission to come back to NZ to attend the funeral of three fallen soldiers. Key put aside business dealings because it was the right thing to do.

Those soldiers are employed by this country and as part of their job description gave up their lives; it is only fitting that Key, as leader of this country, showed up to show his respects and to represent us at those funerals. His political decisions put those two soldiers in a situation where they gave up their lives for this country, at the very least he could pay them and their families the respect of being there at the end.

Yes, missing out on a child's sporting event, even an important sporting event, is hard for any parent. But there is a certain degree of responsibility and weight to the position he holds. He interrupted a business trip under the same circumstances, but wont interrupt a personal one. That's not only a case of a glaring lack of priorities on his part, but is also, in my opinion, a sad indictment of his character.

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Shackleford Hurtmore said...

Cynical me, but there was an election to win in 2010. And he already knows he's lost the next one... that's why it's so urgent to sell everything to his mates while he still can.