Thursday, January 17, 2013

David Round: Maoris Are Plotting to Kill You

You need kidney dialysis. You’re a regular Joe Blog i.e. not Maori. But you cannot get it, because Maoris, although less deserving of treatment on purely clinical grounds, have priority. I know! You have paid your taxes all your life so you have worth as a human being and should get dialysis. You die. Maoris have stolen your dialysis machine that you paid taxes towards! 

Impossible? Absolutely. But imagine if it wasn’t! That’s some scary stuff.  Maoris are going to kill you and the Government is letting them! Several years ago when an elderly man in Northland was ruled ineligible for dialysis - on solely clinical grounds - the Maori Council declared elderly Maori people were "taonga" and therefore entitled to treatment under the Treaty of Waitangi, which would give them priority over non-Maori. If you decide to google it you might discover that the only reference of this occurring is when I’ve talked about it, surely a sign of a conspiracy cover-up and shows that this was really going to happen.

If, then, we were saddled with a written constitution which referred to the Treaty and its alleged "principles", we could easily have racial discrimination in health care. Imagine if these “principles”, disgust quotes!, went any way to alleviate the imbalance that already exists within the healthcare system with “Maori” more likely to suffer ill health and to  have shorter lifespans. What kind of liberal poppycock would that be!

Why should that surprise us? It shouldn’t; Maori are conniving and are out to get us and destroy our way of life. The Treaty's words are now twisted to mean their exact opposite. The Treaty said Maori and settler were to be equals under the Queen's government. In Captain Hobson's words, "Now we are one people". But by the modern "principles", "Maori" are not the Queen's subjects but her "partners" in governing New Zealand. How can anyone not look at the history of New Zealand and not think that Maori and Pakeha have not been treated equally. If Maori wanted to have the Government cheaply buy or take the bulk of their land, and to live in economic and social poverty, well, that’s obviously a personal choice.

The "taonga" Maori were promised are now not just their physical property - what the word undoubtedly meant in 1840 - but anything Maori might take a fancy to. Your wife? Taonga! Your job? Taonga! Your children, your pets, and your car? Taonga, taonga, taonga! If a Maori walks on to your property and yells taonga, it is now legally theirs. 

Well, not now, but very likely in the future.

To give these "principles" (pa-tooey!) overriding legal standing would be utterly disastrous for our country, our jobs gone, our wives ravaged and our pets eaten. Yet incredibly, a racially-stacked panel (there are non-Pakehas on it!) appointed by the Maori and National parties is considering how to put the Treaty into our constitution. A legal document having legal standing and acknowledging the history of this country is preposterous.

Our present Chief Justice considers herself entitled, as if she was the head of something, to declare acts of Parliament invalid if they offend against her own extreme understanding, an understanding that is not mine, of Treaty "principles" (pa-tooey!). That is, essentially, treason. And she should be, essentially, hung. Parliament has been our undisputed supreme lawmaker for centuries, yet this usurper longs to replace our democracy with her own decrees.

Maori want to take everything that we hold dear and usurper unelected traitors like Elias will let them unless we do something, like buy a gun and build a bunker to store our supplies. Maori are a different creature to you and I, not civilised. If only our Chief Justice could be more like the judges of our day such as Prendergast who recognised that the treaty was a load of pish and nonsense and called Maori’s primitive barbarians. That’s the NZ judicial system I know and love, not this modern flim flummery.

At present the Waitangi Tribunal may not recommend that private land be "returned" to Maori ownership and what the Waitangi Tribunal recommends is in no way binding on the Government. But Maoris are involved, so you just watch. They will take your bach, make no mistake.

All this is being plotted right now. I type from my bunker. The Maoris are coming. You have been warned.

David Round teaches law at the University of Canterbury. Seriously. Jesus Christ.

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