Monday, February 4, 2013

Overview of Seven Sharp

So last night was the first ever episode of Seven Sharp and so far looking around reviews it's been a mixed reception, along with claims that it's given at least one viewer herpes which makes me think they should probably cover their TV in gladwrap and stop doing things to their electricals.

In the first segment we were given a tour behind the scenes of Parliament and it was a cute piece. We got to see the PM's toilet roll holder (I think it was two-ply, but hopefully they'll follow this up), we got to discover that Johnny doesn't usually drink during the day as he gently sipped at the wine he'd gifted (especially labeled, hopefully not on the company card, TAXPAYER MONEY!).

We also learned that you should never, ever, light a match in his office, because between the plastic flowers and the late night baked bean scoffing the entire place would go up - terrorists, pretend you didn't just read this.

There was a Nadzeya Ostapchuk joke. The person who came up with that should feel really, really bad about themselves. Their families should shun them. Strangers should walk across the road away from them. It was lame, is what I'm saying.

There was a solder who talked about coming back from serving with post traumatic stress disorder, and I think it was a good story because it's not one that's often told in NZ media and we seem to forget that there's a long-term price to pay for sending our people off to war. But...does the government support them, is it sufficient...none of that was covered. If you're going to use a person's story it shouldn't just sit there but be used as a jumping point for looking at the issue more deeply.

WHAT DO YOU THINK?! They kept yelling this at me. I was scared. And apparently now hired as a Senior Expert News Commentator. If they wanted an uninformed knee jerk opinion couldn't they have gone back and interviewed more politicians? Ahahaha, high-five me.

Then they did an advertorial where they interviewed a singer in order to promote his latest album, which was handy because I could duck out and start watching Campbell Live that I was recording. It was very considerate.

There was very little baby killing done live on air, so I'm not quite sure why there's so much vitriol being directed at it yet. Surely they get two more episodes to get everything perfect before we flip their cars over? Is it hard news? No. Did they answer any questions? No. Okay, maybe I can kind of see why people are unhappy, but I'm prepared to wait to see if things pick up and they hit their stride.

However, for now Campbell Live is the one first off the ranks, this is what gets watched afterwards. Tip of the Hat if they ever manage to swap that around.

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