Thursday, April 11, 2013

Customs Minister Maurice Williamson Extremely Worried, Covered in Fear Pee

Customs Minister Maurice Williamson says he is extremely worried about what laser guns will do to border security with staff being completely outgunned by anyone attempting to illegally cross our borders to get into New Zealand. More worrying is that New Zealanders will be able to escape to Australia in even greater numbers.

Mr Williamson says the lasers can be bought through Trademe or through rogue Eastern European countries.

He says household lasers will soon be able to produce increasingly stronger beams of energy, and the country's borders are extremely vulnerable.

"If people could produce death beams at will that just completely takes away our border protection role in its known sense."

Mr Williamson says that ray guns within homes will become as common as hairdryers and he has asked his officials to think hard about how to keep up with this kind of technology. There was also the concern that jet packs will lead to a loss of revenue for airlines and make it harder to control the flow of travel.

"After watching a Terminator marathon over the weekend I'm also extremely worried about how our border security will deal once the machines have risen up. I'm currently asking that border staff switch off electronics at the wall before going home at night, just in case.

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