Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Colin Craig: We Don't Just Hate Gays, We Hate Doe-Eyed Children As Well

The Children of Delinquent Parents Shouldn’t Get Lunch

23 October 2012
The Children of Delinquent Parents Shouldn’t Get Lunch

Recent discussion over the effect of lunchlessness (a word recently created by conservative think tanks over a grueling six days), on educational outcomes arising from Auckland University’s research misses the point says Colin Craig, Leader of the Conservative Party.

"The issue is not whether lunchlessness is detrimental to learning. Rather the issue is a parents’ duty to provide for their children," says Mr Craig. "It should be noted that I didn't actually read the research, but I'm outraged that people are expecting charity and kindness which I can proudly say that the Conservative Party is certainly not about."

"Where a child is regularly sent to school without a lunch, the parent is being delinquent. Proposed solutions such as state funding of school lunches, which Bill English says the Government is open to, will only encourage this delinquent behaviour by allowing the child to survive to go on to have children of their own. Such programmes are noble ideas, but end up being another pathway into government dependency, and an ever-growing cost to taxpayers. We want these children to learn the best way possible by starving their young developing brains of important fuel and nutrients. That will show them."

"We recognise that it is entirely inappropriate to encourage other bad behaviours. We don’t encourage people to take illegal drugs, or to drink too much or to encourage young children to eat when they're hungry. Instead we recognise the appropriate response is intervention. Intervention holds a person to account and demands a change in behaviour and the only socially humane way of doing this is to cover our ears with our hands so we can ignore the cries of a child who has a hungry stomach and no way to fill it, dependent as they are on others."

"While free lunches sound appealing" says Mr Craig, "They are actually a way by which the government enables the continuation of delinquent parenting. Such proposals are an unwitting, well meaning, but destructive response. A much more constructive response is to let children who have poor parents suffer horrifically as a means to teach them a lesson that you should never expect kindness or decency from within the household, or within society at large. I can't wait to meet the adults that these children turn in to."

"We need to recognise there are no ‘free lunches’. ‘Free lunches’ are a case of responsible New Zealanders picking up the tab for delinquent parents. If a child falls over on the street breaking their leg and their parent does nothing, the only thing to do is to step over the crying mangled body of the child and continue on my way."

"The proper response to delinquent parents is to charge them the cost of rectifying their bad behaviour so if a child does come to school hungry because the parents don't have enough money for food we will help them by fining them. As a country we need to start expecting people to be responsible for themselves and their families or letting these children starve in the streets. We need to stop a continuation of the culture of entitlement and only letting generations die of hunger will put an end to this. It's what a modern caring society would want."


Shackleford Hurtmore said...

That reminded me of A Modest Proposal (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Modest_Proposal), except you didn't go as far as Swift did...

dovil said...

That is genius! That really does fall into the whole, we've come so far and yet not moved at all, realm.

Food prices HAVE gone up. I'm can't believe I didn't even think of eating the little needy urchins.