Monday, May 14, 2012

Key vs The Media

Hi, I'm John Key and I'd like to talk to the Mums and Dads of New Zealand directly.

Look, while I'm completely relaxed about the media in New Zealand I'm also feel I need to talk plainly here.

The media, for some reason, hates me. And Mums and Dads of New Zealand, I'm not bent out of shape about this at all, but it should be said the the media is something you shouldn't trust. It's hostile and it's aggressive. I think we can all agree that this isn't in the style of what New Zealanders are all about. As Mums and Dads you'll know and appreciate this. I think we're all on the same side here. The side that the media isn't.

You can't trust the media but you can trust me. You might see them asking questions, which I'm completely relaxed and comfortable about. But after I've answered them, they're asking more questions. They used to leave issues alone and now they're not. I'm not saying I'm being victimised here, because really, that's up to the media as to how they do their job, and I'm in a five-day coma I'm just that relaxed, but victimisation. That's a word I'm randomly throwing out there.

Nobody likes a bully. Especially since I'm such a nice guy.

Sunday Star-Time and New Zealand Herald. I'm not saying you shouldn't read them. But hostile and aggressive. And to me, of all people. Maybe you should support me, Mums and Dads, and not read them, though obviously I don't care if you do. A tabloid though, can you really expect the truth from that? Over someone like me?

Obviously I don't care, but that is an absolute statement of fact that the media is biased against me and can't be trusted.

I'd like to briefly do a shout-out to Guyon Espinor. Such a nice guy with nice questions. Thanks Guyon, you served me well.

Some might say that I'm a relaxed and nice guy. Some might say that you can't believe the media if they say negative things about me. Obviously I wouldn't say that. But it's out there.

And I'll leave it up to you, Mums and Dads, which side you are on.

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