Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Zealand Women are Dirty Whores

Please note: this is satire and for amusement purposes only. Colin Craig did not say this, and the link to the original post is below. I point this out for the incredibly thick since Mr Craig has started threatening legal action on people because he apparently, and I think a reasonable person might assume this, wants to silence his critics by using his money as a weapon.

Hi, I'm Colin Craig, leader of the NZ Conservative Party and I've come to talk to you on a pressing issue, that of the legions of lady whores that blight this God fearing country.

First of all, forget 100% Pure. We should rename our advertising slogan 100% Whores of Babylon. New Zealand has the most promiscuous young women in the world, a fact that I may or may not have made up right now. This slutfest not of course including my dear mother, or wife, or my daughter, or the ladies at my church. But those other women, out there, dirty, dirty whores, the lot of them. And I've done enough research on the internet to know.

These women that sleep around, why should the taxpayer provide free contraception for them? If God wishes to strike them down with a STD or gift them with children, that's between them and the Good Lord. Likewise supporting those children, also between them and the Lord. I'm sure the Salvation Army would be happy to help them out, should they repent. Children are a gift from God. But don't expect me to pay for them as a taxpayer. Hey, the gift wasn't delivered to me.

If a dirty promiscuous whore wants to fund their own devil contraceptions, that's one thing. But why should a pious God fearing woman in her 70's fund some good time girl's base baby blockers? Did I mention that we're doing away with superannuation and implementing a work until you die scheme? Well I am. Idle hands are the devil's hands.

People shouldn't be funding other people's lifestyle choices. Like choosing to be overweight, or smoke, or work in sedentary jobs, or live a modern lifestyle exposing yourself to potential health risks and requiring hospital treatment. This is lunacy! Instead hospitals will be replaced with prayer clinics where faith will cure the deserving. Education? A lifestyle choice. Why are we funding this when the bible has all the knowledge a person needs.

Research has clearly pointed out who are the promiscuous sluts are in this society and a little bit of social damnation goes a long way.

Proof: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/news/article.cfm?c_id=6&objectid=10781228

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